The 4th Goodwill Cup of Coffee in October 2020

With the core value of “not only giving scholarships to help students overcome their difficulties but also creating a big family to support each other in life”. The Cup of Coffee program is organized with a view to raising charitable funds for VGSP, creating an environment for exchanging and sharing learning and working experience from alumni of the VGSP family as well as cultural exchanges, bringing together members of the VGSP big family. The Goodwill Cup of Coffee has been cherished for a long time and been officially implemented in order to increase the connection among members when the number has nearly reached 1,000 members, enhancing the connection between students and sponsors as well as creating more opportunities to meet and exchange between generations.

Following the success of all last programs “Goodwill Cup of Coffee”, VGSP will hold the 4th Goodwill Cup of Coffee in October 2020.

The program will be livestreamed on fanpage of VGSP:


Let’s welcome this event with VGSP!

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