1.I have missing the papers: the poverty book … Can I submit additional documents?

Answer: You can submit additional documents before the due date.

2.How to get certification of difficult circumstance?

Answer: You should prepare certification of difficult circumstance and get verification from local government.

3.Can I submit files if I do not have difficult or poor background?

Answer: Currently, VGSP’s resources are limited, so we can only help students with difficult backgrounds and study well.

4.My certification of difficult circumstance is due about one year. Can I use this file to apply for scholarship?

Answer: You should apply for a new certification.

5.I have not got a new poverty book although the local government reconfirm my family circumstance

Answer: You can use the old one.

6.I have not received the confirmed mail after having sending files in time?

Answer: You can contact VGSP’s fan page for support

7.Can I use the photocopied and notarized poverty book?

Answer: Yes, you can.

8.Can I apply for the scholarship If I do not have poverty book?

Answer: If your family are in difficulty, you can get certification of difficult circumstance from local government. You take photo or scan this certification to apply for scholarship.

9.Steps in applying the scholarship:

Answer: You can access to this link for detailed information

<The Vietnam Goodwill Scholarship Program announces receipt of the first scholarship for the academic year 2020.docx >

10.I have applied for the scholarship in phase I, should I send my file again in phase 2?

Answer: You are required to send your files and fulfill your information in the application link.

11.I have not received the confirmed mail after sending the re-grant files. What can I do to ask for support?

Answer: You can contact through email: for support.

12. My certifications of joining social activities are at home. Can I use the photocopied certifications?

Answer: You can ask your family members to take the photos of your colored certifications and send them to you.



1.Considering the results of my entrance exam, which results can I use to apply for the scholarship

Answer: You are required to use the result of elected execution block.

2.Does the scholarship take into account the 4 point scale?

Answer: Yes, it does.

3.Can I apply for the scholarship if my average score is under 7.0 or the result of my entrance exam is under 20?

Answer: your result can not be taken into account. Hope that you will have a better result next time.

4.Which point does the scholarship board require in case of 4 point scale?

Answer: Considering 4 point scale, the requirement is 2.8 or above.

5.Can I use the accumulated result provided by my university?

Answer: Yes, you can if your university does not provide separate result.

6.I am freshman. I have received the result of my first semester, Do I need to send the result of my entrance exam, besides?

Yes. You have to send both of these results.

7.Can I send my result which lack scores of 2 subjects because these subjects will be updated next year?

Answer: Yes, you can. You should send the previous result beside sending this result.

8.How can I apply for the scholarship if I have not had the nearest results?

Answer: You should prove your information 

9.I have poverty book. In the second semester, my grade is under 7.0. In the first semester, my grade is above 7.0. Am I qualified to apply for the scholarship?

Answer: You should try to study to have better result for the next time.



1.I have been qualified for the scholarship but I am unable to attend scholarship ceremony:

Answer: You need to mention your objective circumstance, scholarship’s board will send money through your bank account.

2.Are only Quang Ngai students awarded this scholarship?

Answer: This scholarship is for all students in Viet Nam

3.I have not received any notification after application for the scholarship:

Answer: The result will be emailed to you, you can check your email, spam…

4.Some notes you need to take into consideration:

-Application form needs to be pasted directly in your email.

-You should follow introduction file for email’s title

-You should take photo or scan pictures clearly. You need to name your files appropriately.

-Application form with appropriate, complete content.

-You should check spelling mistakes before sending.

-If you received scholarship in the first semester last year, you can apply for scholarship in the first semester this year. .If you received scholarship in the second semester last year, you can apply for scholarship in the second semester this year.

-Make sure that you have sent required files.

-All students in Viet Nam can apply for this scholarship.

5.Reason why you are not qualified for the scholarship:

Scholarship takes into consideration disable students, orphan, poor students. We are so sorry to reject any application forms. Through many sections and interview days, then we can choose appropriate, qualified forms. We are willing to help you in other aspects of your life. We sincerely inform you.