We are deeply grateful for all the generous, ongoing support from many associations and individual sponsors. This support has enabled us to run a smooth operation and to offer Vietnamese students hundreds of scholarships every year.

  • GGB (Generously Giving Back)            

GGB (Generously Giving Back) is a Canadian Registered Charity Organization since 2014. GGB organizes annual fundraising in various ways to help the disadvantaged and disaster victims in many countries around the world: Canada, Vietnam, Philippines, Nepal, Zambia, Peru, El Salvador, etc.

In Vietnam, GGB or its representative, Goodwill Embassadors, has an annual program to support orphans, the elderly, poor students in mountainous areas, and poor patients in remote areas.

All volunteers who go on charity work are self-sufficient in all facilities (air tickets, accommodation, food).

GGB has connected with VGSP to provide scholarships for poor students since 2015.

CEO of GGB is Ms. Susan Cao Thanh Phuong.

GGB website:

  • CVBF (Children of Vietnam Benevolent Foundation)

CVBF (Children of Vietnam Benevolent Foundation) is a Canadian Registered Charity Organization since 2013 with the main purpose of raising funds to perform charitable works in Vietnam, mainly helping disadvantaged children at orphanages or hospitals across the country. In addition to the main mission of helping children in Vietnam, CVBF also deducts 5% of annual fundraising to help poor children in Canada and 5% to help poor children in other countries.

CVBF connects with VGSP to provide scholarships for poor students since 2019.

Dr. Nhung Tran-Davies is the President and Founder of CVBF.

Website of CVBF:

  • VSA (Vietnamese Students Association of Alberta University)

VSA (Vietnamese Students Association of Alberta University) is a Vietnamese-Canadian Student Association with a view to connecting students through community sports and cultural activities. The VSA executive committee is elected each year. VSA cooperates with VGSP in the spirit of helping students to provide annual scholarships for poor students in Vietnam. This program will be implemented by VSA until financially available through annual fundraising events.

VSA Facebook:

  • ECP (Education Connection Project)

Hoian Club

Education Connection Project (ECP)

Job Thiện Chí

In philanthropy, since the beginning of 2011, we have created a Scholarship Fund to help students (in Vietnam) who have difficult circumstances in life but still study well, until now it has been more than 8 years). A few years later, through the introduction of an acquaintance, we went along with QHBQN. This has been changed to VGSP.

Poor students are immeasurable, so we have no money to help them all, so we only have the ability to support those students who still have the ability to learn and overcome difficulties and have a future ahead. Helping them succeed in life so that they can take their families partly out of poverty, and hope to help them later.

We have raised a little in our family and a group of classmates and friends, in Vietnam, the United States, Australia, and in Europe, we contribute a little to the Scholarship Fund. The small amount in the fund is not much, but it is a huge amount of money to help the students go to school.

We are the only ones who run the Scholarship Fund for relatives and classmates & friends. They trusted us and gave us a mission to help the poor and good students. So we follow the rules above. This is a long-term project. Now, Scholarship Fund has been sponsoring more than 130 poor pupils and students in the area around SGN, in Hue, Da Nang, in Cao Lanh, Dong Thap, and in Ninh Thuan. Students are referred by the principal or teacher. Student applications are selected through the VGSP (Vietnamese Goodwill Scholarship Program) in Saigon.

I asked the administration of DUACT (Dalat University Alumni Charitable Trust) (, (a non-profit organization registered with the Internal Revenue Service, USA) to support us in this chapter. Program to Help Poor Students & Students in Vietnam and has been approved. This program was named after the English “Education Connection Project” and we are the Project Leader. Thuc is the representative/treasurer for ECP in Vietnam.

“Excerpt from the introduction of Mr. Dacco Pham – JJR’68 & CTKD’5- Project Leader- Education Connection Project (ECP)

(aka Helping Students & Poor Students Program in Vietnam) ”

In addition, VGSP also has the participation of many scholarship organizations such as HOIAN CLUB, Scholarship Thien Chi, Thien Chi book (, Thien Chi job (, and so on.


An enormous THANK YOU to everyone who has generously donated to the previous and future VGSP. A huge gratitude to our continuous sponsors:

Ms. Manh Sao Mai (USA)

Ms. Đo Cam Van (USA)

Ms. Thuc (ECP)

Ms. Truong Hue Tam (Australia)

Ms. Thanh Hang (France)

Ms. Xuan Dai (HCM city)

Ms. Thu Nguyet (Ha Noi)

Ms. Tuyet Vo (USA)

Ms. Minh Tran (Canada)

Mr. Nguyen Cao Can (USA)

Mr. Le Phuoc Ba – Ms. Trieu Thi Nga (USA)

Mr. Vo Ngoc Khoi (Canada)

Mr. Nguyen Cu Trinh (France)

Mr. Nguyen Van Huy (USA)

Mr. Ta Huu Chung (Canada)

Mr. Tran Duc Phi Vu (Canada)

Mr. Phan Van Quang

Mr. Phung The Tuan 

Mr. Phung Van Đong

Mr. Paul Chan (Canada)

Mr. Dung Tenessy (USA)

Ms. Phuong (GGB)

Mr. Wayne Cao (Canada)

Ms. Minh Thu

Mr. Hy Van

Mr. Le Đang Khoa

Mr. Suong

Thien Quy Scholarship

Ms. Thuy Vo (USA)

Mr. Tuan (USA)

Ms. My Hanh (Saigon)

Mr. Pham Dinh Dac, Ms.Tuyet Van, Mr. Loc (ECP)

Mr. Nguyen Anh (Canada)

Ms. Hoang Thi Ngoc Thuy 

Mr. Dang Vy Khanh 

Ms. Phan Than & Lily 

Mr. Tac Quy (Canada)

Ms. Phan Tuyet Đong – Canada

Mr. Nguyen Trong

Ms. Nguyen Thu Van (Canada)

Mr. Tran Đuc Phi Bang (Canada)

Mr. Ms. Khoa Suong (France) 

Ms. Xuan Đai

Ms. Lan ( Saigon)

Mr. Ms. Đong Thuy (Saigon)

Ms. Truong Kim Linh (CVBF)

Mr. Nguyen Kha Ninh

Ms. Tram (Saigon), Zinno company

Mr. Vinh, Zinno company

Ms. Pham Tri Hieu

Mr. Le Xuan Tuy (Canada)

Mr. Nguyen Trong (Canada)

Ms. Chan Dieu Hy (USA)