Mr. Nguyen Cu Trinh (France)

     Mr. Trinh is a computer engineer; he was born and grown up in Quang Ngai province, currently lives in Paris, France. Before the 2000s, he came back to Vietnam once a year to support Quang Ngai students (where he was born and grown up) and gave them scholarships to help them reduce their difficulties on the path of education. Mr. Quang (currently the executive director of VGSP) is one of the first students received the scholarship with the gratitude and the desire to contribute to the fund and help students who are as hard as him in the past, so he has tried his best to build and bring fund’s image closer to students and connect with Uncle Khoi’s scholarship.

Mr. Vo Ngoc Khoi (Canada)

     Mr. Khoi is currently a retired construction engineer, he lives in Canada. With background was a poor alumnus who had strived to rise up, Uncle Khoi understands the financial difficulties of students who need helps. From their relationships, the two uncles called and introduced to their friends. Therefore, the fund was expanded further, not only restricting scholarships for students in Quang Ngai Province but also for students around the country. Later, the name of Fund is changed to Vietnam Goodwill Scholarship Program or known as VGSP Scholarship Fund nowadays. The program has attracted and received support from more than 70 donors from around the world and has awarded scholarships to more than 100 students each year at many universities from North to South of Vietnam.


  • Mr. Nguyen Duc Quang is one of the first students to receive the scholarship from the Vietnam Goodwill Scholarship Program (VGSP) in 2000. The scholarship fund VGSP supported him until his graduating from university in 2006 with a degree in major Engineering.
  • After graduating, because of his gratitude to the fund for helping him in difficult times so that he could complete his educational path, Mr. Quang decided to return to help the fund to spread the valuable message that is love and help more lives of unhappiness. In 2010, he started building, expanding the network, establishing an executive board to use the Internet as a main form of advertising for VGSP, connecting students who have been receiving scholarships to build and develop fund, bringing the image of the fund to wider objects to help more students. Those efforts have been repaid day by day, and nowadays the VGSP Fund has become more popular with students across the country.