VGSP Introduction

VGSP is the abbreviation of “Vietnamese Goodwill Scholarship Program”. It was established in 2000 with the mission of connecting between kind sponsors around the world and students at universities who have difficult family circumstances or be handicapped to support them in their education. The precursor of this organization was a scholarship fund for only Quang Ngai students and it was renamed VGSP and was officially used from 2015 to present, it also expanded objects to the whole country. VGSP’s finance is derived from sponsors (the first people who established the fund), charity funds in Canada, USA,… and VGSP – where the students used to receive the scholarship contributed). Members of executive board (included students who are receiving or received the scholarships) with main duty which is operating the fund fluently are divided into many boards included in: contact board, content board, approval board,… to contribute to the development of VGSP. At the same time, they are also the key forces in the review and selection of quality profiles.

The summary of the scholarship

  1. Times for admission

    There are two times of scholarship application (renewed and new) each year. The executive board conducts a document review round, then interviews and requests chosen circumstances for sponsors. After that, the benefactors will be able to choose the students they want to sponsor according to their fields of study or hometown to support timely, through the fund to award valuable scholarships to students so they can have ability to continue the educational path.

  2. Scholarship’s value

    Depend on sponsor’s decisions to give their own value for every circumstance, they can be received once or more times up to their graduating.

  3. Standard for being provided scholarship

    Students at universities who want to be provided the scholarship must be difficult family circumstances and have good achievements at universities. Specific to handicapped students, we will be more flexible. Students who received the scholarship have to send us Academic transcript annual, Volunteer certificate to be considered whether they have enough condition for receiving again or not. 

  4. Relationship between sponsors and students

    – The sponsors will contact students regularly through email to share their experiences in studying and life as well as monitor students’ results. The sympathy and sharing between two generations living in two different spaces will motivate and promote the students to study hard and train their personalities for a better future, the spirit of developing people as well as goodness for the homeland.

    – Furthermore, every benefactor will create an opportunity to meet all students and alumni to confide and exchange experiences as well as encourage them on educational path when benefactors have the opportunity to visit the homeland.