20th anniversary of establishment VGSP (Nov, 2020)

VGSP, formerly known as Quang Ngai Student Scholarship Fund, that was established in 2000 is a bridge to create opportunities for sponsors everywhere who are kind-hearted and want to help students who have disadvantaged circumstances and high scholastic achievements and  disabled students have conditions to continue their studies. We will celebrate our 20th anniversary in November 2020.

Format: Offline and online meeting.

Place: ….

Exploiting great features of Google Meet, Vietnamese Goodwill Scholarship Program (VGSP) completely connects with sponsors all over the world, individuals who gained the scholarship and students in and out of the country in this meeting. We will have a chance to reminisce together about the establishment of VGSP from first steps to difficulties and moreover know core members who were a background of VGSP 20 years ago. Besides, this is an opportunity for us to look back on the development process of VGSP during previous years one again, chances in personnel, successes that have been achieved, especially a supporting mission for plenty of students with annual scholarships.

In addition, shares from sponsors, thoughts that they want to send to the generation of VGSP and deep feelings, gratitude from the students will always be an indispensable highlight in this celebration.

The celebration is also reported directly at the VGSP Fanpage:



Please join VGSP to wait for this great event.

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